November 21, 2018

Lighthouse Digest

Posted by: Misty

Lighthouse Digest

 For over 27 years, Lighthouse Digest, has been researching, documenting, and reporting on lost lighthouse history.  Much of what has been published would never have been told if they had not done it.  They have published more rare photographs and written about more lighthouse keepers, especially those associated with lost and lesser known lighthouses, and other important lighthouse personnel, than anyone else in history.  And over the years they have accumulated an amazing collection of old historic photos of lighthouse keepers and family members and their stories, many which have not yet been published in Lighthouse Digest.

Additionally, in the past months they have located thousands of photos of lighthouse life, as well as memories, mostly from private family collections, from all parts of the United States - photos that need to be seen and stories that need to be published and finally to be saved for future generations.  But the expense to research, publish, and archive all of this far outweighs advertising and subscription revenues.

Lighthouse Digest is a small business with a small staff and several volunteers who are all extremely dedicated to saving lighthouse history for the future.  Sadly, the subscriber base for Lighthouse Digest is dwindling as people are showing interest of lighthouses on social media for only their visual appeal.  Please join the efforts to preserve the historical past as well.

Lighthouse Digest urgently needs help to continue with its mission to preserve lighthouse history and continue to publish the magazine for many years into the future.

One essential part of their overall mission is to create a new nonprofit called the Lighthouse History Research Institute but all of this will require a large financial infusion, which can only come from people who truly believe in what they are doing to save our national lighthouse heritage.

There are two choices: Let lighthouse history be lost or help save lighthouse history for future generations.

Please help!  You can make a donation today by going to:

You can also mail a donation check to : Lighthouse Digest Research & Publication Fund

P.O. Box 250, East Machias, ME 04630

Thank you!

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