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The Oregon Wine & Cheese Social

Begin your stay the right way. Join us at 4pm after check-in in the West Parlor to meet our other guests and to sample delicious Oregon wines and cheeses.

The 7 Course Breakfast

At 8:30 every morning, we ring the big bell to call everyone to the big table in the dining room for our sumptuous breakfast experience.

Midnight Stroll to the Light Tower

Grab the flashlight in the room and make your way to the tower like the lightkeepers of old. See the light beams of the Tower circling above your head.

Our Grand Victorian Wrap-Around Porch

Facing south, our porch has across view of Cape Cove and the majestic Pacific.

The 7 Course Breakfast

The 7 Course Breakfast

Mike and Carol Korgan, both certified executive chefs, came to Heceta Head with the inspiration to revitalize the Keeper’s House and make it a welcoming home. Years of entertaining have proven to them that welcoming homes are centered around the dining table.

The seven course breakfast was created with this ideal in mind. A blend of inspired food and good conversation is a recipe for true Victorian living.

Our highly trained staff continues the tradition that Mike and Carol Korgan started many years ago.

Guests at the Keeper’s House are pampered with a 1.5 hour breakfast in the morning, an experience which may match the lighthouse viewing at night! Each course is met with eager anticipation. The menu is always changing and guided by the season. Every morning you will see us picking herbs and produce out of the Lightstation garden. We highlight the best of Oregon: artisan cheeses, local sausages, and fresh produce .

If you stay more than one night you will receive a different breakfast each morning. We have served eight different seven course breakfasts in a row to a very satisfied guest!

Heceta Head Keeper’s house is operated under a concessionaire permit by WR Trillium Inc in partnership with the U.S. Forest Service. Persons of any race, color, national origin, sex, age, religion or with any handicapping condition are welcome to enjoy all facilities, programs and services of the USDA. Discrimination in any form is strictly against any policy and should be reported to the Secretary of Agriculture, Washington DC, 20250, 1-800-245-6340.