July 4, 2022

Things To Do in July

Things To Do in July, Heceta Lighthouse B&B

Current local events for the month of July:

The joys of summer will be everywhere you look, from blooming flowers, and sightings of wild animals
such as bobcat, cougar, black bear, deer, elk, rabbits and more! Even if you don’t see them in person, be
sure to check for footprints on those trails for hints at who might have been around recently.  Birds will be out in force, carving out territory and building nests. The coast is a birdwatcher’s paradise! Be sure to bring some binoculars!  Resident gray whales are most commonly seen from June through mid-November.

Oregon Coast Military Museum – As Summer is fast approaching, Museum personnel have been
hard at work making improvements to the Museum and making plans for the sunshine.

Be sure to stop down to Port of Siuslaw for their Independence Day celebration for some family fun – including a pie and watermelon eating contest, food, music, and one of the best fireworks show on the coast in
partnership with the Port of Siuslaw. Watch as they launch fireworks over the Siuslaw river and
play patriotic music!

Yachats will also be having their la de da parade and fireworks!

This area will be experiencing “minus tides” July 11th -18th . A minus or negative tide occurs just a
couple of times a month when the sun and the moon are aligned. The pull of both then causes extremes
on highs and lows. That is when the moon is full or new. It’s fascinating as always, to see how the earth,
moon, and sun work together. Arrive two or three hours before the low tide and fish two or three hours
after it.

Curtis Salgado at the FEC July 15! FACE is proud to present one of the best soul/blues singers
on the planet: Curtis Salgado. This incredible live evening features Curtis and his band in full
force blues power.

Be sure to visit the Alphabit Café and Giftshop where some of the wood from the original
Lightkeeper’s house resides in the rafters and the floors. Such a beautiful little gem and be sure to
try some of their delicious Clam Chowder. Alphabit features healthy food, well-selected books,
quality notecards, Alpha-Bit is located in Mapleton where Highway 126 and Highway 36 meet,
just over 14 miles inland from the coastal town of Florence.

Make sure to have your camera handy, you never know what beautiful display of nature you may come
across! You can find access to nature just about everywhere you turn on the coast. Oregon State Parks and
Forest Service Parks are plentiful, and all have something to offer. Oregon has some of the cleanest parks
in the entire nation, so please do your part to keep them tidy and leave no trace. Pack it in, pack it out!