March 31, 2022

Things to do in April

Things to do in April, Heceta Lighthouse B&B

Experience spring on the Coast…..

Enjoy the bloom! This time of year nature starts kicking things into high gear. The birds will be out in force, carving out territory and building nests. The coast is a birdwatchers paradise!

The whales will be migrating north, so be sure to bring some binoculars!

The signs of spring are everywhere you look, from blooming flowers, to the light green of budding spruce tips, and sightings of wild animals such as bobcat, cougar, black bear, deer, elk, rabbits and more! Even if you don’t see them in person, be sure to check for footprints on those muddy trails for hints at who might have been around recently.

Make sure to have your camera handy, you never know what beautiful display of nature you may come across!

You can find access to nature just about everywhere you turn on the coast. Oregon State Parks and U.S. Forest Service Parks are plentiful and all have something to offer. Oregon has some of the cleanest parks in the entire nation, so please do your part to keep them pristine and leave no trace. Pack it in, pack it out!

Notable trails in this area:

Cape Perpetua, which offers many different legs in its trail system, allows you to choose how much mileage you want to put in. The ancient giant spruce is certainly worth seeing! You will also find a beautiful visitor center where you can find all the need to know info about this area.

Near the bed and breakfast is a great trail system that connects Washburne State Park from the Heceta Head Lighthouse. Trails included in this system are the Lighthouse Trail, Valley Trail, China Creek Loop, and the famous Hobbit Trail!

Be Prepared:  You never know what kind of weather the coast will throw at you this time of year whether its sunshine, rain, wind, cold, or any combination thereof! It’s important to pack properly to get the most out of your visit. Bringing multiple thin layers of clothing is key to being able to adapt to whatever the weather throws at you. Having t-shirts, long sleeves, a fleece or sweatshirt, and a light raincoat packed will ensure that you can dress for all kinds of experiences! If you are a hiker be sure to bring proper shoes with good traction. The trails are beautiful this time of year, but they can get pretty soggy!

Eat, drink, walk, and be merry! Head out to Florence or Yachats, the two closest towns to Heceta Lighthouse Bed and Breakfast. Each one offers loads of small-town charm and dining options, like Ona Restaurant and Lounge.

Yachats is a small walkable village to the north and offers a great selection of locally sourced food and beverage, along with many unique small businesses that are worth visiting. Live music and karaoke are common evening past times here!

To the south, Florence is larger than Yachats, but still offers the same small-town charm. Take a walk din Old Town on the historic bay front and you will be sure to find food and drink that suits you, along with art galleries and plenty of shops that offer something novel!

By Daniel Walker of Heceta Lighthouse B&B